The Cold War

Love Not War will gain you Peace, No war = No Cost

Citizens of the United States of all different backgrounds, cultures, and races asking for the same thing; Peace

Non-Violence will result in peace but mutually assured destruction (otherwise known as M.A.D.), will get you nowhere. The proofs in this are in the definitions of War and Peace. War is a state or period of armed hostility or active military operations, and the definition of peace are being in a state or relationship of non-belligerence or concord; not at war. Or untroubled, tranquil, and content and being in a state of mutual harmony between people or groups, especially in personal relations. So, if M.A.D. was used and you got what some people would define as “Peace”, is it in actuality true honest Peace? Peace is a state of harmony between groups, but if it was harmonic, would there really have to be a need for nuclear weapons? Peace is

The bombing of Pearl Harbor that ultimately led to the bombing of Hiroshima, it was the beginnings of destruction.

 impossible by definition to be gained through weapons and nuclear destruction, you can’t use violence in the hope that it will resolve war and result in Peace. What many people don’t know is that the peace sign was actually created and adopted by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Even in the 1960’s and 70’s, even in the 1980’s people had the use of nuclear weapons but they did not want to use them. They did not want to risk their lives and others just for the sake of a false sense of Peace. People from all over the world were in and combined in this campaign because countries knew what were at hand and what they could do to each other but they did not want to use them. Many people would define this as M.A.D., but in actuality it is non-violence because you are in no way, shape, or form using violence to achieve your end goal; having weapons on the side isn’t peace either because you still have them they just aren’t in action and aren’t being used. That is just a dormant war, it is not, in definable terms, Peace. The meaning of threaten is to be a menace or a source of danger to or to utter a threat against; in other words, to menace. If another country is threatening to arm their nuclear

Women’s Suffrage Movement using Non-violence to achieve their goal.

  weapons to destroy a country, in no way is that peaceful. Even with the disarmament of missiles and weapons, there is still a threat of war and death. In no way will Nuclear weapons or weapons of any kind ever gain you peace. Throughout history it has been proved time and time again that you can achieve your means, goals, and ideas through non-violence. It worked with figures throughout history ranging from Jane Goodall to John Lennon. If you want to ensure your children and your children’s children with a healthy and safe future you have to protect them today, and you can’t protect them with missiles ready to stand by at a moments notice with a few presses of a button. Just with the concept of fighting fire with fire, you can’t use violence t abolish violence, you have to know what is right, what is safe, and what will get your idea across without killing the world’s population. Non violence in no way creates violence, and it helps create peace and freedom to speech and it allows others to express their views and opinions without a gun in their hand or a  missile in your country. There are no radical measures and it’s been

The symbol adopted by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)

 shown throughout history; the Women’s suffrage movement used it, Gandhi used it, and countries and groups around the world are still using it today. Nuclear weapons in no way will be able to ever create peace. They abolish the concept of humanity; many people of the opposing viewpoint would also argue that we formed peace through the bombing of Hiroshima. But this is a one-sided argument. It was peaceful only on one side, it gained Peace only for America. In no way did we help Japan or create Peace for them, we ruined their economic situation and showed them that even though we founded our country on oppression and equality, that we are going to kill your oppressed and ruin whatever means you have of equality. You cannot force your beliefs on other countries because they do not have the same culture and belief system that many Americans do. Their mentality is different, many subjects would rather die at their countries own hands than by another’s so not only would you be wiping out a single portion of land that is occupied by thousands possibly millions, but you would kill whoever was left too. If you can spread through out the globe what non-violence is, the concept, teachings, and proof of it, then there will not be a need for war. Non-violence changed the past of our fabric, and it opens doors for our future.


~ by chandelier005 on May 14, 2011.

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