Philosophy of Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King had a greater philosophy in life because he promoted equality without the use of violence, Malcolm X promoted violence. When you fight violence with more violence it doesnt solve anything. Malcolm X’s supporters thought that violence was okay; if you promote violence then you aren’t acting any better then anyone else, and not everyone will be following you because they agree with your teachings, they just agree with not getting hurt. Malcolm X promoted his ideas the same way that the KKK did, but not to as such as harsh an extent as the examples they used. Malcolm X wasn’t pushing for the same ideas as Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King wanted to abolish segregation and make everyone equal, Malcolm X wanted equality, but he still wanted the different races to be segregated. If the races continued to be segregated then you cannot teach the theory that everyone is equal if there are signs up saying no whites allowed or no blacks allowed. Malcolm X’s philosophy wasn’t the best for America; Martin Luther King helped more in the long run and was a brave man who would go to any extent to get his idea across the board, he was the greater opponent and had a better philosophy for America in the 1930′s.

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