Freedom and Liberty During War

The freedom and liberties of Americans are often restricted in times of war, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor Japanese descendants and families were sent to camps because many citizens thought that they might get bombed again and that they would be safer if they were sent away. Citizens of the united States who had simply had ancestors of the same descent as people who decades later, bombed Pearl Harbor.  The camps had nearly nonexistent medical care and food was poor. All of this because of how they looked, it was the idea of many to do that to Muslims after the bombing of 9/11 and to put them in camps. No matter what happens, you cannot blame someone for their race, gender, or religion. In times of war, no matter what, the freedoms and liberties of Americans should not be restricted in any way. Many people will argue that in WWII, food was restricted from Americans using food stamps, but it wasn’t restricted the U.S. wasn’t telling them that they can’t eat they were telling them that they had to limit their use of certain products because the Army needed it or was already using it. If you take away freedoms and liberties than you cannot abide by the Constitution, and you cannot believe that people are entitled to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”. If you take way someone’s rights, than the establishment crumbles and you cannot listen to the laws set down by our forefathers. Taking away freedoms and liberties takes away America.

Pictures (in order): Lady Liberty the first thing that Immigrants would see on their way to Ellis Island; Free Speech and Free Rights; How the Japanese were treated after the bombing, not as U.S. Citizens but as terrorists; Children in Japanese Imprisonment Camps reciting the Pledge of Allegiance; and the instructions for all people of Japanese Descent to go to camps.

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